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Browning Engineering Limited
Norfolk Southern Railway

  • Reconfiguration of all yard tracks.
  • Rebuilding of the 63rd Street and State Street bridges
  • New concrete loading pads for intermodal trains, new underground and drainage
    for the yard.

  • Reconfiguration of all Yard Entrances.

  • Reconfiguration of yard tracks

  • Mapping of interlocking tracks for future crossovers

  • Proposed track improvements at Ashland Avenue Yard
  • Relocating track from Ashland Avenue to Halsted Street
  • Current plans - revised on 10-12-2007

  • Installation of catch basins and retention area to improve drainage between yard
    tracks 305 & 309
  • Installation of a new crossover track connecting West Leads 1 & 2 to the mainline
    (West of Nelson Yard)
  • Improvement of siding tracks north of mainlines

  • Layout and management of track reconfiguration for Norfolk Southern Railroad.
  • Topographical mapping for the future reconfiguration of the Norfolk Southern,
    Brighton Park Interlocking.
  • Creation of a new yard near the Subaru facility in Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Adding a two mile improvement to the Piqua Yard.
  • Reconfiguring the entrance to accept new track.
  • Mapping for future tracks and improvements.

  • Mapping for future reconfiguration of the exit

  • Track mapping for possible track realignment

  • Proposed connection track for Norfolk Southern between Metra's Rock Island Line
    and NS Main in New Lenox, IL

  • Trench drain removal
  • Resurfacing of intermodal loading pads
  • Current plans - revised on 09/19/07
  • Improvement of inbound and outbound intermodal gates

  • Mapping Yard

  • Reconfiguration of Yard tracks 29-40 inside Ashland Yard

CSX Railway

  • Hump yard at Cicero Ave and 72nd st.  
  • Adding new track and shifting others to fit new construction.

O'Hare International Airport

  • Ohare Gate Rehabilitation  Gates L1, L1A, L3, L10, F10,  and F6 to start the year off.

  • Improvement of current taxiway GG, to be re-dedicated as WT
  • Begins at taxiway H and continues North to runway 4L-22R

  • United Airlines Concourse- BC Apron Pavement Expansion Joint Repair
  • Current plans dated: 03/06/2009

  • Extension of existing EMAS blocks on Runway 4R